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Roles and Responsibilities

What does the Board do?

The Hamilton Police Services Board is the civilian body
governing the Hamilton Police Service. 

The primary role of the board is to establish, after
consultation with the Chief of Police, the overall
objectives and priorities for the provision of effective
police services, law enforcement and crime prevention.
This is achieved through the enactment of policies.

The Board cannot direct the Chief with respect to
specific operational decisions or day-to-day operations
of the Service.

The Chief of Police is responsible for administering
the Police Service and overseeing its operation in
accordance with the objectives, priorities and policies
established by the Board.

Legislated responsibilities

The Police Services Act outlines the following responsibilities of the Board:

  • Determines, after consultation with the Chief of Police, objectives and priorities with respect to police services within the municipalities,
  • Establishes policies for the effective management of the police service,
  • Recruits and appoints the Chief and Deputy(s) of Police and annually determine their remuneration and working conditions,
  • Establishes guidelines for the administration of the public complaints system and receive quarterly reports on the subject,
  • Negotiates collective agreement,
  • Approves the capital and operating budget.

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